■ Application of Fall Semester, 2018

Sogang GSIS will recruit about OO students for Master and Ph.D. degree programs in the four specialty areas, International Relations(including 'National Intelligence & Security Track'), International Trade, International Finance, East Asian Studies(Including Korean Studies).
* Ph.D. program of International Finance application is not available for this semester.
An applicant must have graduated or be expected to graduate from an accredited four-year college, university or equivalent before the semester for which the applicant intends to enroll. It means that you should graduate and receive your diploma & degree at least 1 month before entering. For example, for spring (fall) semester admission which starts from every March (September), you should receive diploma & degree until February (August). In addition, an applicant must have a bachelor's degree(master's degree for Ph.D. Program) or evidence of equivalent.
  • Information Session : Jeong Hasang Hall(J517) 5:30 pm on April 24(Tue), 2018

  • Application Period : May 1(Tue) ~ 11(Fri), 2018 

  • Announcement of Documents Screening Results : 2 pm on May 23(Wed), 2018

  • Interview for Admission : from 9 am, on May 26(Sat), 2018
    The Interview will be conducted in English. The phone Interview is available only if you are not in Korea.

  • Announcement of Final Screening Results : 2 pm on June 14(Thu), 2018

    1. Online application
    Students should fill in a brief online application form.

    2. Offline application
    In addition to online application, students should send all required documents by mail. Only after students send them by mail, application process will be completed.
    All documents should be written in English. If the original documents are not in English, notarized translations must also be submitted. All the original documents must be brought when you come to Korea for validation checking.

    * Required Documents  

    Documents Needed Notes
    1. Offline Application Form
    (DOWNLOAD from our website)
    with 3 photos attached(3.5x4.5cm)
    /should be typed (no handwriting)
    2. Recommendation Forms
    (DOWNLOAD from our website)
    from at least 2 professors or supervisors should be sealed
    3. Essay
    (about 2 pages)
    that enunciates the reason why the applicant is interested in GSIS program, the applicant’s life experience and future career plan
    4. Diploma or Certificate of (expected) Graduation

    ※ For students who graduated from universities in China, please refer to number 10 listed below.

    5. Original Official Transcripts of all undergraduate work (and graduate work for Ph.D. Applicant)
    ※ Transfer students must submit official transcripts from all institutions they attended.
    ※ Statement of Grading System from a school should be attached if the CGPA cannot be calculated on a 4.0/4.3/4.5 scale or in percentage.
    6. Original English Test Score TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, or IELTS
    ※ Exempted for the native English speakers or graduates from universities in English speaking countries
    7. Color Copy of Passport

    and Alien Registration Card (if an applicant has)

    8. Original Statement of Bank Balance at least $20,000
    * If the account holder is student's parent, please submit the ´Statement of Financial Sponsorship´ with the account holder´s signature.
    9. Application Fee※

    80,000 KRW or US$80.00
    ※ The details are described below.

    Documents for
    Graduates from Universities in China

    10. 學位證 寫本

    WITH a Verification from 中國學位認證報告
    or 中國高等敎育學曆査詢報告

    ※ Application Fee Payment
    - The applicant needs to transfer the fee to the below bank account. (The transaction commission fee is in your charge.) Please do not enclose cash or check in the application package since it might be lost. After you transfer the fee to the account, please send an e-mail to
    - Application fee is not refunded in any events.

    Name of Bank : Woori Bank Account No. : 1005-001-589268
    Swift Code of Woori Bank : HVBKKRSE Account Holder : Sogang University
    Bank Address : Woori Bank Sogang University branch,
    Sogang University, Baekbeom-ro(Shinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107, KOREA

    Below overseas Koreans can apply through the same process as the international students.

    - Those who have citizenship of foreign countries and both of whose parents have citizenship of foreign countries(non-existent parent is not considerable)

    ※ Required Documents: The copies of citizenship certificate or passports of both parents

    - Those who studied from elementary school up to university in foreign countries.

    ※ Required Documents: The certificates of enrollment of all institutions

    · The Deadline for Paying Tuition : The first week of July, 2018
    · Matriculation and Orientation: 4 pm on August 31(Fri), 2018
    ※ Information about VISA Issuance will be notified in July through e-mail.
    · E-mail.
    · Tel. +82-2-705-8753
    · Fax. +82-2-705-8755
    · Address : GSIS, Dasan Hall #526(D526), Sogang University, #35 Baekbeom-ro(Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, KOREA, 04107
    · Website :