Our faculty is comprised of scholars from some of the prestigious universities in the world such as Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, Brown university. They are committed to working closely with students, and guiding them in their academic pursuits. Also, due to our small class sizes, students have a great opportunity to genuinely interact with their professors. Students can have impressive chances to actually discuss and engage with these distinguished lecturers. The high student-professor ratio is a hallmark of Sogang GSIS and we are very proud to continue to offer a closeness between students and professors that is quite rare in Korea. Our professors become true mentors, not just lecturers.

One of the things which makes Sogang GSIS special is the high level of student satisfaction. The small class sizes and high lecture quality lead to a satisfied student body. Academics aside, Sogang GSIS is unique in that it encourages an environment conducive to nurturing friendships. There are many events where students can gather together and get to know each other. Sogang GSIS strongly believes that interpersonal skills are also the crucial part of any educational institution.

Furthermore, being fully aware of the concerns that many international applicants may have with regard to coming to Korea and pursuing their academic career here, Sogang GSIS has established a comprehensive International Student Support System. Once you arrive in Korea, your supporter will help you adjust to your new life in Seoul.

Sogang is dedicated to providing the best education possible to students while they are here. And when the academics end, our graduates can be sure that they will be sought after by some of the most prestigious companies, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations in the world. Our graduates employability is a reflection of the level of success of the program and the quality of Sogang GSIS as a whole. Being a graduate from Sogang GSIS will certainly help you in your future endeavour.

For the career development, there is also the internship support program in Sogang GSIS. We give valuable internship information that are critical for students’ career development and encourage to go for an internship during their vacation. In addition, Sogang GSIS provides financial support to the students. Students who served internship abroad are provided with financial support.

Sogang GSIS realizes that students’ academic experiences in the age of globalization should not be limited to one institution or country. So we provide Dual Degree Program and Students Exchange Program with more than 20 leading universities worldwide, including some in USA, France, Germany and many others, making Sogang GSIS a strategic hub of a global academic network.

Also, Sogang GSIS holds global executive forum every week. It gives students chances of meeting international experts from domestic and foreign governments, embassies, large corporations and NGOs. During the lecture, they present and discuss current international issues pertinent to their experience. It allows students to see the real world application of in-class theory and as well as it serves to expand the human network.

For students who want to learn Korean, Sogang GSIS supports the part of tuition fee for learning Korean. International students of GSIS benefit 45~50% of the tuition fee for learning Korean at Korean Language Education center of Sogang. There are 20 foreign students who are supported by Sogang GSIS every year for learning Korean.

Sogang University is located in Sinchon, the center of Seoul, South Korea. Situated in the heart of Seoul, Sogang could not be more conveniently located. Sinchon is a bustling area filled with restaurants, department stores and bars. There is always something happening here, and Sogang is right in the centre of it. Also, Sogang university provides firsthand experience to international students through various student activities. Sogang University is the center of youth that overflows with vibrant energy.